Square-Cylinder Engine is a Mystery

By Staff
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 Square-cylinder Quijada looks purpose built, but for what?

Al Matheson sends in photos of an engine he bought that features a square-shaped cylinder. The headless engine is clearly a 2-stroke design, the exhaust ported from the base of the cylinder and the mixer feeding the fuel/air through the crankcase. The gas tank is canted at about 20 degrees, offset to the right, and the mixer features a variable sleeve. It may have had a shroud over the flywheel and has a large metal mounting strap bolted to the crankshaft end of the engine. “Quijada” and “Los Angeles, California” are cast into the rim of the magneto flywheel. Al has examined several California business registries looking for information on the manufacturer, but has come up empty. The engine’s location when found – near the railroad town of Modena, Utah – could be a clue. If anyone knows anything about the engine or the company, Al and GEM would like to hear from you.

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