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A Stover Type Y showing Stover green.

I have just inherited a gas engine that has a tag from the Renfrew Machinery Co. It is 2 hp A with a speed of 500 rpm and a serial number of Y114917. This engine was running prior to it going in storage so it is complete. Is there someplace I can obtain a operating manual? I have NO idea how to run it. I would like to restore it to its original colors if possible because it is John Deere green right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have failed to find any info.
Gordon Weller

As near as we know, Renfrew Machinery Co. of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, never built its own engines, instead contracting engines from various manufacturers in the U.S. Known suppliers include Christensen Engineering Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Sta-Rite Engine Co., La Crosse, Wisconsin; Hercules Gas Engine Co., Evansville, Indiana; and Stover Mfg. & Engine Co., Freeport, Illinois. Based on its horsepower and serial number, your engine is likely a 1919 Stover Type Y. Stover engines were indeed painted green, but a much darker shade than John Deere green. We don’t know what commercially available green is currently closest, perhaps a GEM reader can help Gordon with sourcing the correct color and an engine manual to help him get his engine running.

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