Novo S Conundrum

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I have a conundrum I hope you can solve. I think this is an early Novo S. As you can see in the pictures, this unit has no breather tube and it also has no breather holes in the back bearing cap. It does, however, have a small breathing pipe on the backside. Also, the castings have S numbers (2S-4B, 2S-43, 2S-58X), and all the measurements indicate it is a 3 hp Novo S. I assume this was built early in the Novo S production, but every example without a breathing pipe I find on the internet, the owner claims a 1924-1926 build date. I think they are wrong; they have no serial number badge – neither do I. Can you give me a general time frame when this odd unit could have been manufactured?

Dennis Rinaldo

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