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Over the summer, I was able to acquire my grandpa’s Jaeger cement mixer. I believe it is all original. Looking into the hopper, I do not believe any cement was ever mixed in it. My grandpa bought it from a close friend who had a nursery, and I think it was used to mix compost, but I can’t be certain. I cannot find any information regarding this exact mixer model. I was told that the engine was made in 1922 and it was a Hercules, rebranded for Jaeger.

We were fortunate that the original crank was still with the engine, plus an original Jaeger oil can that is in almost perfect shape. The mixer has been in a storage building since the mid-1970s. My dad and I got it running, and my intent is to restore it and show it. My grandpa built a trailer in the late 1920s. We still have the trailer, which is restored, and all it needs are new tires. My goal is to put this mixer on the trailer and take it to shows.

Would you know who I could get in touch with to get more information regarding this particular model? It’s funny that I only live about 35 miles from where it was manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and can’t find out more about it.

Jeff Ashcraft
Newark, OH


That’s a nice unit, Jeff, and it does look to be completely original. The engine was indeed made by Hercules, who supplied engines for Jaeger cement mixers starting about 1920. The engine, serial number 265864, is a 2 hp Hercules Model F, made in 1922, as you were told. We don’t have any information on the mixer itself, but you can find more info on the engine at www.herculesengines.com. We hope a reader can help you learn more about the mixer. Let us know what you find out. – GEM

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