Blueprints for an Ironwood Engine

By Staff
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Photo by Bob Johnson

Reader Bob Johnson contacted us asking about acquiring drawings for or access to an Ironwood engine so he can make his own drawings of the engine. Ironwood engines were built as a course project by students at Roosevelt High School in Ironwood, Michigan, between approximately 1918 and 1930. The students drew the design, built the patterns, poured the castings, machined the pieces and assembled the engines. These were small hopper-cooled, hit-and-miss engines of around 1/2 hp to 3/4 hp. According to an article by John Preston in the October 1992 issue of GEM, approximately 200 of these engines were made, with 10 accounted for at that time. The December/January 2007 issue of GEM featured an Ironwood engine belonging to Dean Suhr of Tucson, Arizona. At the time, Dean said that he had a full set of blueprints for the engine. Perhaps Dean still has the blueprints and can help Bob?

Bob Johnson

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