INGECO/Worthington, Venn-Severin and Drag Saw/Log Saw Info Wanted

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I am a historian for INGECO/Worthington and Venn-Severin engines, and all drag saw/log saws brands. I have had a couple of articles in GEM about INGECOs and drag saw/log saws, and as I learn more, I will submit more. I’d like to write an article or two about Venn-Severin engines, as well as write more about drag saws as I learn more to help preserve the history. Reed Benton was previously the acting historian for INGECO engines, but due to age and health he passed along his information for me to work on at the beginning of this year.

There are currently 190 engines on the INGECO/Worthington registry, 20 engines on the Venn-Severin registry and 132 saws on the drag saws/log saws registry. There’s no website currently, but I am compiling information and organizing it, and I will post the information on a devoted website  and, eventually. Collector names and contact information will be held strictly confidentially and will not be publicized. Here is the information I am looking for:

Serial Number: The number of the engine; if not legible, please state so
Year: Provide original sales records or confirmation if available
Model/type: If known
HP: If not known, please provide bore and stroke, plus flywheel diameter
Ignition: If magneto what brand and model, plus governing style
Engine type: Vertical or horizontal
Cooling: Hopper or tank
Sold by: If tagged by somebody other than the manufacturer
Notes: Anything else you would like to add
Pictures: Pictures are helpful for looking at differences over the years. Original paint, pinstriping, decals, etc., are all good things to see. If possible, name pictures being sent using the serial number of the engine.
Owner: Current owner’s name
Location: City, state and country or province
Contact info: Phone, email and physical address

Please send to:
Chris Jerue
P.O. Box 1474
Bremerton, WA 98337

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