Help Herstmonceux Museum Identify a Generator Engine

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We recently received a query from Terry Valeriano at the Herstmonceux Museum in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England, about an engine that is believed to have been located there more than 100 years ago. Although the engine is long gone, for historical purposes the museum is eager to identify the maker. “We found this photo in a publication about The Eastbourne Aviation Co., where the same engineer – Charles de Roemer – installed the identical machine in Eastbourne to build planes for the Navy in 1911,” Terry writes. “We know the engine was mated to a Crompton DC generator providing 110/220 volts. The flywheel detail (holes in the rim) looks a bit like an Anson.” If anyone has any clues, please contact Terry at the museum, and let us know as well.

Terry Valeriano
Herstmonceux Museum

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