Unknown Engine Cart and Baker Monitor VJ and Lindsay-Alamo Engines

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I need help identifying this cart. The wheels are 2-3/4 x 8-5/8 inch with “3C” marked on the inside. The cart is 28-1/2 inches wide. The rear axle is 3/4-inch x 1-3/4-inch flat bar with two 8-inch-long bolts. The front axle is the same, but with wood yoke and a 3/4-inch bolt. Does anyone know how the cart was designed and what brand of engine it was for? I also have a Baker Monitor VJ with serial number 49033 and a Lindsay-Alamo 1-1/2 hp with serial number 95341; what year would these be? I started working on hit-and-miss engines and have the sickness now. I enjoy GEM very much.


Charles Hughes

The highest serial number for a Baker Monitor VJ we’ve seen was 43769, which was for 1934. VJ production ended about 1944, so your engine was made sometime in between. Your Lindsay-Alamo dates to about 1923-1925. – Editor

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