Baker Monitor Engine Questions

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Enclosed you’ll find pictures of my 7 hp Baker Monitor engine (serial number 16370) and saw on an original cart. I am looking for information and some parts. This engine has a two-compartment tank, and on the intake instead of a choke plate it has threads, as if there should be some kind of air heater for the intake air. It has hit-and-miss governing. I would like to hear from anyone having one like that and I’m looking for the missing parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Arens
538 Meadow Lark Lane
Eden Valley, MN 55329

Mike, a check of a Baker serial number list shows your engine dates from 1917. However, we can’t tell you anything about the threaded mixer inlet. A look through our files didn’t turn up anything, so we’re hoping a reader can help you out. – GEM

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