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These are two pictures of my recently acquired Worthington engine.
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S1 W25765 Northview Road Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

From the nametag: ‘Worthington Gasoline Engine, Worthington
Pump and Machinery Company Gas Engine Works, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
U.S.A. HP l, RPM 600, s/n 40768.’

I thought I would give my views as to the condition of engines
as to paint and appearance. I saw some pictures and articles on the
authenticity of the paint colors and type of paint jobs done. I
personally like the ‘original’ look as on the Worthington.
I realize I am fortunate to find one in this condition. I think
leaving them ‘as is’ has some value. I know they are not as
‘pretty’ as some like! I prefer to clean them carefully
with a solvent rag and then rub them down with a non-detergent oil
to enhance and bring out the color, decals and striping.

I also have two other Worthington engines in almost this good
condition: a hit and miss gasoline, 2 HP, RPM 550, s/n 39000, and a
throttling governed kerosene, 2 HP, RPM 550, s/n 38336.

I have also decided to just clean up some others that have some
good old paint, with decals and striping.

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