Winter Project Engines

By Staff
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P.O. Box 55, Shelby, Ohio 44875

Now that tractor and engine show season is winding down in the
north, I thought I’d take time to send in photos of the engines
that I have restored during winter.

The Economy is a 2? HP Serial #81930 model E. It was in fair
shape when I got it with the normal wear and tear of an 80-year-old
engine. With a little work, a lot of cleaning, and a new paint job
it turned out to be a good running engine.

The Associated is a 2? HP serial #115867 Hired Man. This engine
was in fair shape also, but was painted years ago with a very
thick, very bad paint job. After a new wrist pin and a new paint
job, the engine turned out to be a good running engine. A new cart
was made to help aid in moving it around.

The Lister is a 2 HP serial #1390 model (DH). It was missing
some parts when I got it and, if not for a friend, it would still
be missing some parts. (Thanks Ed.) But since the new parts were
made and put on it, along with a new paint job, it has made a nice
addition to my engine collection.

If not for some good friends with the same love for engines that
I have, this ‘habit’ or hobby wouldn’t be as much fun
as it is. I’ll have to see what this winter will bring for next
show season.

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