Restored Webster Inverted Engine

By Staff
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In the June/July 2014 issue, regular contributor Stiles Bradley sent in a photo of what little he had of a Webster inverted engine – just the vertical cylinder and the crankshaft and flywheels. At the time, Stiles asked the question, “When is an engine not worth fixing?”

Apparently the answer is never, as Stiles recently sent us photos of the Webster (shown at left), restored and back to running after considerable effort and, we’re sure, expense. We know he had to have a number of parts cast to get it running.

Stiles likes inverted engines, a fact proven by the photos he included showing a homemade inverted he recently completed along with a 2 hp Temple inverted engine he’s gotten running. Stiles sent us those photos just before we went to press, we’ll share them and more info on his engines in the next issue. – GEM

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