2 hp Temple Inverted Pumping Engine

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As promised a few issues back, regular contributor Stiles Bradley sent in photos of his most recent project, a 2 hp Temple Pace Maker inverted pumping engine of the type introduced in 1908 by The Temple Pump Co., Chicago, Illinois. The pumping engine came with a single flywheel while non-pumpers came with two. Stiles tells us he now has the engine in running condition, thanks to help from other collectors. “It now has the igniter, cream separator pulley and the fork to pump the well pump,” Stile reports. “I found that it is a rare one, I haven’t found anybody else that has the one flywheel pumper. It’s serial number 8263. It runs nice, thanks to helping collectors at Coolspring (Power Museum) who cast me a new igniter. I would be interested to know if anyone else has a pumper.”

Stiles Bradley
Pavilion, NY

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