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Regarding the inquiry: “Is it an Indian motor?” in the February 2009 installment of Flywheel Forum, the machine pictured is a Sprywheel garden tractor. The engine was not built by Indian Motor Cycle Co., but it was built, or at least designed, by Sprywheel for this garden tractor. From a Jan. 1, 1921 article in Chilton Tractor Journal:

“The engine from which the machine receives its motive power has a single-cylinder, which is air-cooled. The two-cycle principle obtains in this engine, instead of the more usual four-cycle. The cylinder is set vertical in the frame built up of castings. The bore and stroke are the same – 2-1/2 inches. The combustion mixer enters the engine through ports, the diameter of the inlet being 7/8 inch and the exhaust 1-1/16 inch. The engine weighs 28 pounds and runs at normal speed of 700 rpm. There are three rings on the piston, each 3/32 inches wide. The crankshaft is 3/4 inches in diameter and has two bearings with a total length of 2-1/32 inches.”

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