South Jersey Gas Engine Show

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256 S. Ave., Bridgeton, NJ 08302

The South Jersey Gas Engine Show was held September 26-27, 1987
at Joe Dunn’s, State Highway 49, two miles east of Quinton, NJ.
Weather was fine and a steady crowd came to see the displays. Gas
engines turned many things, such as cornshellers, ice cream makers,
grinding wheels, and so on. A two-man chain saw with a 36′ bar
was demonstrated. Other displays were many steam engines,
automobiles, and outboard motors. A fine food tent topped off the


I am doing research work for a story on the Bicknell gas engines
made in Janesville, Wisconsin, for an upcoming issue of GEM,
hopefully by spring. I am looking for collectors who own these
engines also (I have a ? HP air-cooled). If you can give me any
information on these engines, the company, or the owners of the
company I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you own one of
these engines please send a picture of it, as I am trying to
catalogue all the engines left and their owners. Anyone who can
help with this project will get a copy of my research when

As far as I know, only three styles of the Bicknell were made:
the ? HP air-cooled; the two cylinder, two cycle; the one cylinder
Perfection engine (see C.H. Wendel’s book, Gas Engines since
1872, under Bicknell Mfg. and Supply Company). Please call or

Jeff Bartheld, 14018 NE 85th St., Elk River, MN 55330

Phone 9 PM to 11 PM weeknights and all day Saturday and Sunday:
(612) 441-7059. 9 AM to 11 AM weekdays: (612) 428-2551. Good copies
of original ads will be very helpful.

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