Show Stopper: 25hp Associated Engine

Spotted in 2020 at the Northwest Missouri Steam & Gas Engine Association 57th annual show in Hamilton, Missouri.

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Christine Stoner

When David Raines purchased his Associated engine in Northwest Iowa from machinist Kip Maggert, one cylinder was stuck and the other was badly pitted. He took it to machinist Arnold Saathoff who bored and sleeved both cylinders.

David faced some other challenges while restoring the Associated. It was missing the gas tank and muffler – both needing replaced – and he had to add the cooling system. The cart and gas tank were made by Eric Brekke. The oiler was incorrect and a Madison Kipp had to be found and refurbished. The clutch pulley was broken, as well as other parts, all needing to be restored. The Berling magneto points were extremely hard to find.

David doesn’t know what it was originally used for, but he thinks it may have come from a water plant, as a lot of the bolts and nuts are made of brass. This type of engine was also used on the Happy Farmer tractor.

“The major portion of my collection is Associated engines. I was looking for a 25hp for quite some time. Guess I must have twisted Kip’s arm to get this one! I only know of two others that are running, but I am sure there are more,” David said.

David Raines can be contacted at 816-668-6791 or

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