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6201 Roosevelt Road, Norton, VA 24273

I made this hit-and-miss engine in 1999 from a Brunner air

The engine parts I used came from 3, 5 and 8 HP Briggs &
Stratton engines. I used junk metal where needed. The only parts I
bought were the oilers and grease cups. Ignition is a 6-volt
battery and coil. I made the carburetor from a brass sink faucet
and the gas tank from tubing. The camshaft and governor are from a
5 HP Briggs & Stratton. The hit-and-miss action is good, and I
had a lot of fun building it.

The major tools for making the engine were a gas and MIG welder,
a drill press, a grinder and a file. There was no machine work

I have a lot of fun taking it to shows, where it’s a great

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