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Regular contributor David Babcock has a knack for turning up interesting old photos of engines and tractors, usually working hard as their designers intended. Collectible classics today, the engines were just beasts of burden doing their job when these ph

I call the photo at Up ‘Fixing the well.’ The back of
this photo post card says, ‘We have fixed the well

The photo was taken in 1912 at the John Copeland farm in Cass
City, Mich. Note the windmill that’s been taken down. I believe
the engine to be an early Alamo manufactured in Hillsdale,

I have no history on the photo below. However, judging from the
the tractor’s worn drive lugs, I can see it is a well-used IHC
Titan single-cylinder tractor running a stone crusher. The location
and year of the shot are both unknown.

Contact engine enthusiast David Babcock at: 3491 E. Deckerville
Road, Cass City, Ml 48726.

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