My Some Kind of Maytag

By Staff
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3012 S. Catherine Lansing, Michigan 48911

I saw this engine at a flea market in September, 1992. The
seller told me it was some kind of Maytag.

The engine was complete with a nice air cleaner. It had no sign
of paint on it, but it turned over and had fair compression.

I had its twin at home on my trailer, so I knew it was an early
Jacobson lawn mower engine. I cleaned the points, it then had a
good spark.

During the winter I took it all apart and found it to be in good
condition. When I took the mag off I found some dark gray paint. I
cleaned it up, made new gaskets and painted it medium gray. It
looked so nice that I went and got my other one and did the same

I know of four other of these engines. One is on a reel type
mower, another is on a sickle bar. I think they are at least 60
years old. My engines look the same, but one has a brass gas cap
with male threads, the other has female. They both have the same
Wico mags. One had two coils, the other has room for two, but only
had one. They use the same mags as a Johnson Utilimotor. The one
coil seems to work as well as two. The flywheels look the same, but
one is cast aluminum, the other one is cast iron. They use
Tillotson carbs and Simplex air cleaners.

They are nice running little engines that you don’t see too

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