Shiny Happy People of Moto-Mower Ads

The smiling faces of Briggs & Stratton's 1950s engine pages.

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Let’s take a look back and examine engine marketing from the mid-1950s. Best I can tell, the black and white advertisement is from a Briggs & Stratton campaign in 1954 that depicted the public joyously using gasoline engines to complete various tasks. In this “Modern World” artistic depiction, women trimmed their lawns in full skirts and strappy sandals and men worked in “air-conditioned” sewers and underground passages with giant smiles on their faces. How could one pass up the chance to “Join this group of happy owners”?

yellow ad of a man using a vintage moto-mower

The yellow advertisement is equally cheerful and depicts a man pushing his B&S with such ease that he can leisurely smoke a pipe while completing his chores. Must’ve been the “Magic Weed Topper” giving the subjects this looks of sheer bliss in the ’50s.

Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engines 1954 Ad. Quick-starting. 3/4 to 8.4 hp. Air-cooled, 4 cycle.…


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