By Staff

Route 1, Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin 53578

Dear Anna Mae:

I have been meaning to write to you since reading the May-June
issue of GEM. This is in regards to Mr. Jack Allen’s request
for information on the Monitor Gas Engine.

The pump engine, which was pictured in this issue, was very
common in this part of the country. The Baker Mfg. company of
Evansville, Wisconsin, which built this engine, is still in
business today. They manufacture Monitor Water Systems, Pumps,
Pitless Well Units, Gray Iron Castings and Hydrofoils. They also
distributes plumbing and heating supplies, well supplies and well
drilling equipment. This is a very large company and their
equipment is very common here in Wisconsin.

I have written Baker Mfg. to try to find out when my Monitor
Pump Engine was built–but it seems that their records have been
destroyed on these old gas engines, as they wrote back that they
could give no information or literature on this engine.

Besides building the Monitor Pump Engine they also built
horizontal hooper cooled engines up to at least 6 H.P. that I know
of. They also built a vertical hopper- cooled engine in several
sizes–these went up to at least 6 H.P. also, as I have seen one
this size.

Hope this may be of some help to others.

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