LaGrange, Ohio, 24th Engine Show

By Staff
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George Norton operates the club's Ireland drag saw. Power provided by George's Jaeger engine.
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Rick Horning works on his Townsend.
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Joe Gross's hot air engine.
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Bob Wiley feeds his Ohio hand-feed baler.
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Larry Mitchell's 1919 16-30 OilPull.

494 Twp. Road 232 Sullivan, Ohio 44880 Photos by Colin Coshway
& Bob Reusch

The 24th annual LaGrange, Ohio, Engine Club Show at Lorain
County Fairgrounds started off on a rainy Saturday morning with
lots of exhibitors and spectators anxious to get things started. By
noon, the rain had stopped, and the show was off to a good start
for a good weekend, with many gas engines, steam traction engines,
model engines, and old cars and trucks in operation. In engine land
many nicely restored units were in operation. A very interesting
piece was a hot air engine powered water pump displayed by Joe
Gross of Grafton, Ohio. George Norton, our vice president, had the
club’s Ireland drag saw working, powered by his Jaeger

In the racetrack infield, wheat was being threshed by Denny
Jungbluth’s John Deere separator, and the straw was baled with
an Ohio stationary baler owned by Bob Wiley of Ashland, Ohio. Many
folks helped poke and tie the wires. The sawmill was in operation
both days, and at times two Minneapolis steamers were belted in
tandem to the mill. Many other steamers took turns on the belt
during the weekend. Many gas tractors were displayed, such as a
1919 Rumely Oil Pull owned by Larry Mitchell, and a rare Townsend
tractor owned by Rick Horning.

No parade was held Saturday, but a nice one was run Sunday. A
very well attended antique tractor pull was held Sunday P.M., and
was enjoyed by all. A huge flea market was held both days, and lots
of food vendors had plenty of goodies available. Many thanks to all
who attended the show, and also vendors, exhibitors, and members
who made the show a success. Hope to see you all at our 25th annual
show. Three days this year, September 15, 16, and 17!

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