Illustrated Engines

By Staff
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12 HP Thermoil
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2 HP Foos
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4 HP Detroit
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15 HP Reid
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6 HP IHC Famous
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20 HP Bessemer

I’m 13 years old and collect engines. Currently, I own small
engines (Briggs, Maytag, Lauson, etc.,), a Fairbanks-Morse Z 1-1/2
HP and a Case SE power unit rated at 26 HP. I’m also working on
a deal for a 6 HP IHC Model M.

I like old engines, but prefer to collect hit-and-miss engines.
Someday I would like to own an oil field engine or two (or 20 or
100), but for now I’ll stick with the smaller ones.

I’m like the young boy Zachary Tuller in the November 2001
issue. I have helped my dad on a 3 HP Jaeger and about five other
engines, and currently I’m working on an Allis-Chalmers WC, by

Contact engine enthusiast Chase McKnight at: 15961 TR1162,
Conesville, OH 43811.

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