Homemade Maytag Outboard From Spare Parts

By Staff
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208 W. Main St., Box406 Oakland, Illinois 61943

Three years ago, I made up an outboard motor, using a twin
cylinder Maytag as the power source.

This winter, I decided to do the same thing with the Model 92,
single cylinder, Maytag engine. The results can be seen in the
enclosed picture.

This Maytag outboard was made from parts I had in my shop. The
engine was made from spare parts. The lower unit was an old
Kiekhaefer. The propeller is from an old Johnson. My friend,
Clifford Williams, did some lathe work, free of charge, so I had no
cash outlay to build this outboard. It runs great, but doubt if
I’ll win any races with it!

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