Hercules Engine Inquiry

By Staff
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I have a Hercules 3 hp, serial number 135780 and need to know the year engine was made. Also, what color of paint should this 3 hp be? I would need the DuPont paint numbers.

Lonnie Root
P.O. Box 156
Atkinson, NE 68713

Lonnie, your engine is a 1918 Model E. The Model E was introduced in 1914 and built through 1921, with an estimated 225,000 built, making it the highest production model of any engine built by Hercules. It should be painted green with red pinstriping, although apparently some left the factory with yellow/gold pinstriping. The Hercules engine websiteshows DuPont 1317 or 7666 as close colors and also says that Rust-O-leum Hunter Green is a good match. The photo at right shows a 1-1/2 hp, but it’s a good indication of how it should look. – GEM

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