Haas Tractor Engine

By Staff
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Longtime readers are possibly familiar with Haas tractors, if only because of the coverage they’ve received in Gas Engine Magazine thanks to the efforts of Bob Haas (no relation to the manufacturer), founder of the Haas Tractor Club. Haas tractors were manufactured in small numbers by Metal Parts Corporation in Racine, Wisconsin, and very few have survived. In addition to tractors, Haas also undertook the manufacture of its own engines to power its Model A and B tractors, apparently using surplus Ford pistons and other surplus parts. Bob’s grandson, Jason Haas, sent along some pictures of a recently restored Haas Model 6-12 engine, which carried three horsepower ratings depending on engine speed; 9.9 hp (1,600 rpm), 11.8 hp (2,000 rpm) and 12.6 hp (2,400 rpm). Anyone with Haas information or needing Haas information is encouraged to contact Jason (jasonhaas88@gmail.com). – GEM

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