The Kenny and Wendy Wolf Engine Collection

Learn about Kenny and Wendy Wolf’s expansive collection of old gas engines and how they managed to amass such an impressive stock.

| February/March 2020

Fabulous 5hp Abenaque "pan-cooled" engine will be offered at the August 2020 auction.

Nov. 6, 2019, kicked off the first of two auctions of the Kenny and Wendy Wolf engine collection. Kenny and Wendy, as many readers know, have been buying, selling and collecting engines for some 50 years, with some of the rarest and most interesting engines ever made passing through their hands at one time or another. Aumann Auctions has scheduled the second auction for August 11, 2020, and with that in mind we thought readers might enjoy the following article written and photographed by Don Voelker and published in the June 2009 issue of sister magazine Farm Collector. – Editor

It’s a quandary faced by every collector: What to keep, and what to sell?

Career antique gas engine collectors Kenny and Wendy Wolf have adopted a practical approach that helps them build their collection. “If we had six engines in the garage and found one we liked better than one of those,” Wendy muses, “we might sell or trade one to make room for something new. I think that’s a good way to do things. That way, we get to own an engine, but if we get tired of it, then it goes to another collector who’ll appreciate it and enjoy it.”

The sheer tonnage of old iron that’s passed through their hands over the years could break a back several times over. “I’ve had some of these engines for 35 to 40 years,” Kenny says. “The old story that ‘Wolf will sell anything’ isn’t always true. This is an odd thing to say, but you never want to look back: Always look ahead. I’ll be honest with you. If I still had every engine that I ever sold, it would cover 50 acres.”

Callahan salesman sample engine sold at the November 2019 auction for $23,625.


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