Gas Engine Magazine Readers Share Their Stories and Appreciation

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Working on and painting a gas engine car.

Gas Engine Magazine readers share their thoughts on engines and their appreciation of the quality of the magazine.

Reader Robert Seabold asked about “the thick porcelain like
coating found on some old castings.”

Most likely the material referred to is Rough Stuff, this was
used over an oil primer to build a good surface for finish

After work was primed it was spotted, a hard drying putty was
knifed on, filling all holes, cracks, etc.

After sanding a thick smooth coat of rough stuff was brushed on,
If needed a second or third coat was applied, sanding between

After hard and dry and good clean up the color and varnish was
applied. Varnish was rubbed out with ground pumice and water. Work
and material was kept warm and dry, 80 degrees was ideal.

Rough Stuff 3 parts whiting, 2 parts dry white lead, 1 part
white lead ground in oil, 2 parts Japan dryer, 1 part rubbing
varnish and enough turps to make brushable.

Hard Putty Dry white lead, Japan and rubbing varnish in equal
parts. (When not in use keep under water)

If you think it would be of interest I will be glad to give you
a finishing schedule using modern materials.

This so thrilled me that I decided to put it in the magazine

–Letter by A. D. Mast
Lancaster, PA

Dear Elmer:

Your new Gas Engine Magazine is just great and everyone I spoke with is more
than pleased. The Iron-Men Album and the GEM never get thrown out
at our house.

After I finished reading the GEM I just got carried away Elmer
and I put my thoughts on paper. You have my blessings if you think
it is suitable for publication.

Well you know it will be reunion time before we realize it. I
have been working at R & T several days each week, I have my
10-20 Titan in the shop now. I hope to have more in better shape by
next summer.

Say fellows, isn’t this new engine magazine just what we
dreamed of. I was so very well pleased and excited with the first
issue that I just wanted to congratulate, blow smoke rings and,
express my appreciation to Uncle Elmer and his staff. We engine
lovers don’t realize the time, money and effort involved in
getting out this GEM (lets not call it a little GEM any longer,
Anna Mae) its really a big GEM to anticipate a rapid growth. You
all well remember these sayings. Give tribute were tribute is due
and, In all things give thanks. So, clean the grease off of your
hands, shut the engines down and write your note of appreciation
to Uncle Elmer. Now Teddy Roosevelt, John Brown, Stephen and our
Lord had convictions long ago and stood by them. Elmer too had a
conviction and stood by it, he also put gas in it, oiled her up and
started it with a full hot shot. Wasn’t it nice of him to do
all of this for us engine lovers. Thanks and good luck Elmer.

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