Fairbanks-Morse Model Z

By Staff
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This 1923 Fairbanks-Morse Model Z open crank 3 hp engine was on my grandmother’s farm for many years. It sat down on the creek and was used to pump water from the creek up to the cows. In 1989, I brought it to my place in Wichita and started restoring it. It was by this time just a pile of rust. For a long time I would go out every day and spray it with WD-40 and would start turning the bolts a quarter turn until eventually they came out. I took it apart piece by piece and laid them out on the table.

I finally got it restored on April 25, 1990. It is all original including the glass oilers. I also restored the little Maytag engine seen in the pictures, then had a friend build the wagons to mount them on. They were on the parade and on display at the Haysville, Kansas, Fall Festival for many years.

Jerry Kimzey
Wichita, Kansas

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