Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Engine

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 Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Engine
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Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Engine
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 Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Engine
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Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Engine nameplate

Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Gas Engine
Made by:
Advance Mfg. Co., Hamilton, Ohio
Year: Circa 1900
Horsepower: 8
Bore: 6-1/2-inch
Stroke: 12-inch

This very nicely preserved and presented gas engine is an 8 HP Hamilton manufactured by the Advance Mfg. Co., Hamilton, Ohio.

The company was founded in 1887 by Col. William Richie, and some people credit the design of this engine to him. Others attribute the design to a person named Giddings. In any event, these engines were very nicely designed, fairly simple and reliable.

One interesting feature that this engine shares with other engines sold in New England is the very nicely done nameplate, which has the name of the engine cast in the plate as well as the merchandiser. In this case, the merchandiser is Stephen B. Church.

This engine was reported to have been installed in an automotive machine shop in New England and later in its life it was moved to a woodworking shop, also in New England, where it remained until being brought to the museum for preservation.

This engine is one of 40 being profiled in a new book about the Coolspring Power Museum to be published by Gas Engine Magazine early this year.

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