Stories of the 6 HP Columbus Gas Engine

By Staff
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A 6 HP Columbus gas engine from the collection of John Wilcox.

A readers shares information about his 6 HP Columbus gas engine.

This antique gas engine was built by the Columbus Machine Co., Columbus, Ohio from 1901 until 1913. It is a No. 6300, the first digit of the number denoting the horsepower. This engine is a 4-cycle and operates on gasoline with make-and-break ignition and hit-and-miss governors holding the exhaust open. This governor is particularly interesting in that it declutches the cam cluster from the side shaft so that it stops rotating. The clutch is contained in the large drum just in front of the side shaft bearing and is of a pawl type so as to re-engage with the came in proper time. It can fall in after any type so as to re-engage with the cams half revolution of the side shaft so that the engine can cut out for only one revolution of the crank. The brake band around the outside of the drum keeps the cams in place with the exhaust held open while the clutch is disengaged.

I have the 6 HP Columbus gas engine 35 horsepower, natural gas size as well, and that one makes a dandy crack when the port opens up.

That’s an 18 HP Reeves upright behind the Columbus. No connection with the Reeves Steam Engines as this one was built by the Hope Forge & Machine Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

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