Engine Rebuild Video for Tractors

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2210 Broker Rood Lapeer, Michigan 48446-9415

My husband receives GEM and reads it cover to cover. His first
love is his Minneapolis-Moline UB that he has restored and tractor
pulls with. He has done quite well with it and has too many
trophies for me to dust. Eventually he built a shelf above his work
bench in the barn where they can stand proudly displayed.

For the 1994 season of pulling, Dan won first place in our local
tractor pulling association and second place in the association
across the state. (Second place due to dropping a weight and
getting disqualified.)

Sometimes Dan will let me pull too, and I realize why he has the
pulling feverit is kind of fun!

Dan has always been handy with tractors and has bought and sold
them. The most popular models have been the 9N, 2N and 8N Ford
tractors. Due to numerous phone calls and questions about these
Ford tractors, we realized how helpful a video that shows people
how to fix the tractors themselves would be. It would save these
folks some money on repair bills, and it is furl to work on your
own tractor with the satisfaction of ‘I did it myself.’

So Dan and I decided to make a repair video that shows folks how
to tune-up their own tractor, including how to get the front
distributor off without removing the hood, etc. It shows how to
adjust the carburetor, troubleshooting, starter button replacement,
and so much more. We ended up with 65 minutes of information and of
course the UB Moline is in the background of the filming.

Our repair video went over so well, and people started asking
for an engine rebuild video.

So, we filmed an Engine Rebuild Video. This video shows how to
remove, rebuild and completely overhaul the motor. It is filled
with so much information I think even I could do it myself! I try
not to be too serious when I say that, or Dan just might have me
out in the barn rebuilding motors during the day.

P.S. That trophy shelf in the bam shows up in the Engine Rebuild
Video, as does the UB torn down. I’m not sure what he is doing
to the UB, but Dan assures me it doesn’t cost much. (Yeah,

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