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12HP Witte diesel
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Water pump
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15 HP F & M
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I'm sending you a couple of pictures of some of my engines, 2 HP Famous, 1908, first year, with water pump, 12HP Witte diesel, 1936. 15 HP F & M and a picture of my collection.

Rt 4, Box 105 Hutchinson, Minnesota, 55350

The Famous picture was taken at our show, Heatwole Threshing
Association, with a fresh paint job. The Witte, I restored last
winter. It has a 220 volt, 3-phase generator. I ran it two years
straight in 1936-37 then it was only used for standby. The
Fairbanks-Morse I restored two years ago. I made the cooler out of
stainless steel. I’m very proud of my collection and I thought
that I would share it with you.

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