Unknown Diesel Engine Information

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In response to Al Matheson’s request for information on his unknown diesel engine, I am submitting the following photographs and information on an engine that I own. The brand name is Yunnan Jinma Diesel Engine Works and was made in China. I purchased mine from well-known Texas collector Bill Keene. The engine was new in its original crate and was supplied with a toolbox containing spare bearings, rings, seals, gaskets and puller tools. Shortly after acquiring it, a fellow club member went on the Internet to get any available information and the result was not quite what we expected. A notice from the Department of State popped up stating that these engines could not be imported because they were being made by forced prison labor in China! The engine runs OK, but has the worst diesel knock I have ever heard and vibrates unbelievably. It is rated at 10-12 HP. I hope this is of some help.

John Burgoyne, 106 Stoney Ridge, Azle, Texas 76020, enginejohn101@yahoo.com


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