1908 4 HP Detroit Engine Works

By Staff
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Photo by Mark Abner
This piece from Detroit Engine Works has a valveless marine engine.

Company: Detroit Engine Works, Detroit, Michigan
Year: 1908       
Horsepower: 4
Bore: 3-13/16 inch
Stroke: 3-9/16 inch
Flywheel diameter: 14 inches
Weight: 225 pounds
Ignition: Battery and coil with timing advance/retard lever
Additional info: This is a single-cylinder valveless 2-cycle marine engine. It uses the piston and cylinder porting for intake and exhaust. The fuel is supplied by a Schebler Model D carburetor. There is no transmission on this engine as it will run equally well in either direction. The cylinder is water-cooled by means of a piston-type water pump.

Owner: Mark Abner
Louisville, Kentucky

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