Cool Off With A Maytag Windmill!

By Staff
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R.D. #2, Box 2360, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania 18066 

HOT! HOT! HOT!!! Are the best words to describe the weather at
the annual summer show of the Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam
Engine Association on July 19, 20, 21, at Jacktown,

A novel way that I found to deal with the heat was to put
together a little blower as pictured. It’s on wheels, so
it’s easily transportable and powered by a Maytag twin-cylinder
Model 72 engine.

An eye-catching way to deal with, and accent, the always smoky
two-cycle exhaust was to direct it through a hitching post horse
head whose nostrils were drilled out.

It was my first show and I had a great time. Many people got a
kick out of my Maytag Windmill and we kept cool to boot!!!

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