A Japanese Collection

By Staff
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Isami Type MB-30, #B31852, 3-4HP, 1300-1600 rpm.
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Kubota Type F, #42035, 3 HP, 600 rpm, Manufactured 1928-1946.
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Noda, #91097, 3-4HP, 650-800 rpm
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Yanmar 'New Type', #68443, 2 HP, 550 rpm, manufactured 1925-1939.
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Kubota Type AHC, #281954, 2-3HP, 1300-1500 rpm, manufactured 1953-1954.

805 Nagatani Mansion, 3-42-13 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku,
Tokyo-to 167, Japan

The network of gas engine collectors in Japan has grown recently
with the addition of a group of enthusiasts living in Saitama
prefecture, just to the north of Tokyo. I recently visited one of
those enthusiasts, Mr. Tatsuo Hosoya, a high school principal, who
has a small but attractively-restored collection of five gas
engines, all of which he found locally. Both Yanmar and Kubota are
now familiar names in many parts of the world, but not many people
know that both of these companies began engine production in the
1920s. The Kubota Type F and Yanmar ‘New Type’ are both
products of that period.

The photographs were all taken in Mr. Hosoya’s garden, but
local enthusiasts hope to put on their first gas engine show this

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