A Few Pictures of My Engines

By Staff
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W 6021 County X, Withee, Wisconsin 54498

I have been an old iron collector all my life. I was always
looking for a special magazine. Well, at an engine show someone
suggested GEM. I have been a subscriber since 1966. I
really look forward to getting GEM every month.

I thought I would send a few pictures of my engines. Picture One
is my 1-1 ? Sattley engine. This engine was an easy restoration, as
I took it apart and gave it a good cleaning. One interesting note
is the owner’s manual said ten parts interchange with a Ford
Model T. When I had the valves out, I noticed they both had Ford
stamped on them. I got a new gas tank from Mike Green, put it back
together and it started right up.

Picture Two is an IHC LB 3-5. This engine had an auxiliary
radiator on it at one time. You can see it is started with a large
crank handle. Also, it has a kerosene carburetor.

Picture Three is a Roto Hoe with a 1 HP Lauson Bantam engine. It
was a pile of rust when I started. The only reason I restored it
was because of the Lauson engine.

Picture 4 is an Economy 1? HP Model XK. This engine was in tough
shape when I got it. It had a cracked head, cracked flywheel, both
valves stuck and carburetor was missing. It took me two years to
get this engine finished. I gave up and threw my hands in the air a
couple of times, but I always went back and started working on it.
I guess persistence paid off. I got a carburetor, rings, valves and
bearings from GEM advertiser Hit & Miss.

Once again, thanks for promoting a great hobby!

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