Temple Pace Maker Pumping Engine

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by Stiles Bradley
The gear system for the Temple Inverted Pump Engine.


Longtime reader and regular contributor Stiles Bradley sends in recent pictures of the 2hp Temple Pace Maker inverted pumping engine he got running a few years back. We shared some photos in the February/March 2016 issue, and now Stiles sends more showing the engine fully set up and pumping water. This type of engine was introduced in 1908 by The Temple Pump Co., Chicago, Illinois. The pumping engine came with a single flywheel while non-pumpers came with two. “I haven’t found anybody else that has the one flywheel pumper. It’s serial no. 8263. This Temple was restored by me, it is the only pumper I know of,” Stiles says.


Image: by Stiles Bradley

The pulley side of the Temple Pump engine.



Image: by Stiles Bradley

The build plate for the Temple shows serial no. 8263. Are there any others out there?

Stiles Bradley
Pavilion, New York

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Published on Sep 10, 2019

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