Lauson Frost King Junior Down Under

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I would like to make contact with a Lauson expert. My engine is a Frost King Junior, serial number 14800, dated 1916. When the engine came into my position it was in a very poor state and needed a complete overhaul. The engine had in its working life been converted to high-tension ignition and with this setup runs very well. However, I have installed a modified Fairbanks-Morse igniter using a Sumter magneto with a homemade striker, but have not been able to get it to fire. From the information that I have, Lauson made its own igniter, but these are non-existent here in Australia. Lauson engines are rare in Australia and parts are scarce as the proverbial hen’s teeth. I belong to the Adelaide Hills Motor Restorers Club. We have about 200 members and we cater for vintage stationary engines, tractors, cars, motor bikes, farm machinery and women’s hobbies. I have 21 engines in my shed.

Warwick Ward

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