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Mitch Malcolm at Lightning Magneto sent in some pics of a neat old Fairbanks-Morse service cabinet he picked up and has been displaying at swap meets. According to Mitch, it was a factory-supplied dealer’s repair parts display cabinet. “Judging from the parts in it, it’s for the early Z engines from the Jack Jr. up through the 6 hp,” Mitch says, adding that the cabinet contains “gaskets, valves, springs, some igniter parts, ring sets, cam and crankshaft gears, fuel lines and an AB-33 Bosch magneto long trip arm. After having been at the swap meet I found that there are several others around, so they are not that rare.” Rare enough, we’d say, and a neat addition to any collection, especially Fairbanks-Morse.

Mitch Malcolm mitchmalcolm@hotmail.com

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