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Enclosed are two pictures of me coupling two gas engines together to seat in the rings on the green engine. The engine is a circa-1917 Challenge 2 hp made in Batavia, Illinois, just outside Chicago. I was never happy with the compression. I re-cut the 1/4-inch piston ring grooves to 5/16-inch. This squared up the piston ring lands, which were well worn. The new rings needed some run time before trying to start it up. I had this 2-1/4 hp Associated air-cooled engine that I planned to sell, and which had sat for over 20 years. I got it running and put it to work spinning the 2 hp Challenge for a couple of hours. I live in an urban setting and don’t want a lot of noise escaping from my yard and offending my neighbors. The car muffler helped with noise reduction.

The Challenge always ran OK, but had some blow-by; that is now gone. I have owned it about 45-47 years. The 2-1/4 hp Associated got a good workout that day and was later sold, as I have another one on a wagon with a magneto. I bought this Associated in the mid-1970s. The shop foreman standing on the Challenge is giving us the High Five for a job well done.

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