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Last issue we mentioned some Beetle tractor literature and photos donated to us by Robert Janyk. Robert came across the materials during his work dealing with unclaimed estate property and contacted us, hoping we might find a suitable home for the materials, which included factory photographs and a complete mimeographed copy of a Beetle tractor owner’s manual.

We received several replies to our report, including one from Farm Collector reader Allen Crooker, who learned of the Beetle materials through our weekly email newsletter, Old Iron News, which features stories and articles from both Gas Engine Magazine and sister publication Farm Collector. Allen writes:

“I noted a report in the electronic newsletter of Beetle tractor materials. As a collector of the mini-crawlers and their literature, I would certainly provide a good home for the materials. In full disclosure, I do not have a Beetle in my collection. However, the literature would be a fantastic addition to my literature collection on mini-crawlers – a resource used by me and other collectors. I have some digital information on the Beetle, but no hard copy information, and would be happy to share the Beetle information with other collectors.

“The Beetle is a sought-after mini-crawler. About three years ago I made arrangements for the purchase of a Beetle, but through some unfortunate circumstances the deal did not go through, so I am still looking for a Beetle. I currently own a Mity Kat, an Agricat, a couple of Speedcats, a Mighty Mouse and an Alligator – most are restored and all are working.”

Allen Crooker

We also heard from Quinn J. Murk, who, like Allen, doesn’t own a Beetle, but is likewise interested in the Beetle tractor. Quinn writes:

“If you haven’t found a home for the Beetle tractor items, I’d like to throw my hat in the ring. There aren’t too many of these little girls left, and I know of only one that is original. They had a mill chain track that did not last too long, so most of these machines died young or were cobbled up to keep going. I’m a timber historian who loves this stuff. As a retired logger, I am amazed at what I have collected. I’m looking at willing my collection to the Forest History Society or Roots of Motive Power. I would like to get copies of the pictures, if possible. I only have a couple of Beetle photos and the little machine really fascinates me. Regardless of who ends up with those items, I do hope that you find a good home for them. Thanks for a great magazine.”

Quinn J. Murk/Total Tree Logging, P.O. Box 319 Siletz, OR 97380

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