More ACME/S.M. Jones Engine Information

| 5/7/2019 8:20:00 AM

A factory photograph of a 10hp ACME equipped with a "Scholl" pattern clutch and gear reduction

I read with much interest the article on the ACME/S.M. Jones gas engines. There are several of these engines running. These are 10hp geared units and are used to pump wells, generally two wells at a time.

Photo 1: Valve location. The red tag is on the unusual third valve

These 10hp engines are 601 cubic inches in displacement. I have made head gaskets and have measured the cylinder diameter and length of the stroke. These engines are very durable, as some that we operate are close to 100 years old. They will run in either direction on account of the unusual valve setup. However, if they are run backwards, they tend to loosen the bolts that hold the clutch shaft to the flywheel and can break off these bolts.

Photo 2: Rear view of engine, cylinder, crankshaft and bull gear

I took several pictures of a very dirty engine, now out of service. Photo 1 shows the valve location. The red tag is on the unusual third valve. The stem is inside the round projection. Photo 2 shows a rear view of the engine, the cylinder, the crankshaft and the massive bull gear. Photo 3 shows the “Scholl” pattern clutch. The inside hand-wheel is tightened while the outside wheel is held steady. Photo 4 shows the disc crank and wrist pin.


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