The Country Auction

By Staff

Rt. 9, Box 35, Pine Ridge, Arkansas 71966

Sometimes in the spring and fall, when the weather has such a
beautiful flow,
It’s off to the country auction I go, with dear wife in

The listing has been published and thoroughly read, everything
important underlined in red.

This deceased gentleman had everything said, from a Maytag to a
MAYTAG! In this country they are few,
But my bulging eyes tell me this man had two.
To my amazement I also see a Clinton mounted on a brushsaw, engine
free; a Kohler on a light plant; a new old stock Briggs in original
How slowly the old clock tick tocks!
Wife has found things in said ad that don’t seem few.
Pots, pans, dishes, and a food processor said to be bran’
The time to start the auction has come at last,
Now time and my heart go fast!
I know this auctioneer, he is fair and fast, all others he has
Better pay attention the bidding is fast!
After all is said and done,
We only spent $100, I guess we won.
Those Maytags I bought sure are nice,
I would have given twice the price.
Wife has so many boxes of things,
One is full of canning rings.
Matter is never destroyed, it only changes owner’s hands and
Sometimes at a country auction during a thunderstorm.
Someday when my time is through,
There will be another man and wife ready to start anew.
I hope they read the listing on my estate,
That they never wait or hesitate.
Always underlining everything of interest in red,
But please forget about that waterbed!

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