Ohio Motor Co. 6HP

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The Ohio 6 HP as acquired in March 1999.

120 West Center St. Mebane, South Carolina 27302

Don Crawford of 120 West Center Street, Mebane, North Carolina
27302, with help from friends and over 1,200 hours of work, has
this 6 HP Ohio engine looking good. Look for details inside.

Here are a few pictures of the 6 HP Ohio engine that I have

We acquired this engine in March of 1999 from a great friend. It
was on exhibit only once before the restoration was begun.

To prepare this engine for its twenty-five coats of Ohio red, it
received over one thousand hours of prep time!

Then it was time to prepare for all the chrome plating. This
took countless hours of work by my father Donald and my great
friend Jimmy.

The trailer was built by Phillip McBride, another great friend.
It consumed over two hundred hours of his time.

I offer many thanks to my wonderful wife, Kelly, who was so
understanding during the restoration.

In addition to Ohio engines, I am also interested in Crawford,
Lambert, and Geiser engines.

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