My Sattley

By Staff

303 Fisher Rd., Fitchburg, MA 01420

My old Sattley does some great work-
It doesn’t know the meaning of ‘shirk.’
If I were seventy years old like it
I’d have slowed down a little bit!
My engine has done a lot of things
And each time it sits there and sings.
It pumps water for a work-out
My duck on the faucet keeps his eye out.
In the winter it runs just as well-
What a story it has to tell!
You see, it’s used to run an elevator
To aid in getting the ice in better.
It helps to show how ice harvesting was done,
Moving the cakes along one by one
Toward the icehouse to be stored away
To be used for cooling on a later day.
This engine will run most anything, you know,
Just keep adding water and it won’t slow.
A can of gasoline will go several days
And with kerosene you it will amaze.
Other engines may give me trouble
But this one is always ready and able
To keep on running night and day.
A good buy? I’ll say!

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