More Than Just A Hobby

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This world is not a perfect place. We all have our share of
difficulties at times. During the difficult times it’s nice to
have a hobby or interest that can divert your attention away from
problems, spark your interest, provide you with a get-away, fill
you with enough hope to get you on your feet again and fire up your
spirit enough for you to want to carry on.

Men and women of Stem gas Publishing Company, you have helped
provide all of the above and more for me and countless others. I am
truly grateful for all of your efforts and thank you with all my

Since my first subscription, I’ve met more of the finest
people anyone could ever hope to meet in one lifetime. I
haven’t met a bad one yet. People can and do make a difference
in our lives. Some touch our hearts in special ways too hard to put
down in words. I thank our Lord, most especially, for providing all
the wonderful people who have slipped into my life and helped to
ease the pain, lighten the burden and fill my heart with happiness
and joy. With all of you, even the worst and most painful times
have turned out for the best. Because of your thoughtfulness, care
and generosity but most of all your prayers, the wife is alive, in
good heath and will walk again. God bless each and every one of

I am alive today, a cancer survivor. I love God and his son
Jesus and I continue to carry on living, with hope, because of
everyone I’ve met so far, all those I’ve yet to meet, the
Stem gas Publishing Company and my hobby, collecting garden
tractors. Thank you.

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