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10250 21 Mile, Sand Lake, Michigan 49343

At the last moment I found out about an auction sale and I was
asked to drive my mother-in-law to it, driving my truck. She wanted
buy who knows what, so I agreed to go. Well, after two and a half
hours into the sale, I paid up and went home for my car trailer. I
filled the truck and trailer and had no room for my
mother-in-law’s stuff; we had someone at the auction haul that
home. Well, I saw a pickup, something I had never seen before. The
owner said that his father bought it new in 1920 with some
attachments. It was made by Grand Haven Stamped Company, Grand
Haven, Michigan. It came with a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton gas
engine, which was replaced with a Fairbanks-Morse two cylinder
engine (the only name I found was on the mag). I have no idea of
the year or horsepower. His father also added hydraulics for the
plow. I am now looking for any info on this new find. This little
tractor has taken the home of my 1957 Oliver Super 55 with loader
that I now have no room for. I think it’s time for me to have a
sale, and my wife, well, she likes that idea very much!

You see, I have been auction sale hunting this year and I picked
up a David Bradley walk-behind, about 1953 to 1957, with a lot of
attachments. Then my father and I went to a show where I made a
deal on two hit n’ miss engines. One is a Fairbanks-Morse Z, 1
HP dishpan, and the other a Cushman Cub R4. They need some work but
that’s why I bought them. I also found a Lamberts. I was told
it’s a 1956 riding lawn mower that I have never heard of. So,
this is a cry for info!

But now I have another new problem of storage shortage. You see,
I’ve filled the 24’x38′ pole barn full, and the
20’x24′ workshop full. I also just ordered another
20’x24′ add-on to the workshop for storage and it, too,
will be full. My only wish is that after death I could come to my
estate sale. It always comes down to time and money!

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