Landmark IHC Building Razed

By Staff
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The following comes from E.G. Harrington, 505 24th St. NW, Minor, ND 58701.

‘I am an antique engine collector and restorer and have
approximately 20 engines of various makes. I am truly fascinated
with the old engines and machinery we display at the threshing
shows around North Dakota.’

Harrington sent us an article from his daily newspaper about the
International Harvester Company building in Minot that was in the
process of being torn down. ‘A landmark with its large
lettering on all sides was always special to me. I have engines in
my collection that were manufactured by International Harvester
from 1915 until 1945. I expect that many of them could have come
through the warehouse in Minot. This was most likely the main
warehouse for northwestern North Dakota.’ The article, entitled
‘Lost Landmarks: Downtown Losing Old IH Building,’ was
written by Kent Olson, Staff Writer for the Minot Daily News.

It tells how the building, erected late in 1910, was being
demolished to create additional parking space.

‘Chicago-based International Harvester Co. has had a
presence in Minot since 1903 and expanded with the community making
it a district headquarters in 1948. The building served as a sales
and parts center in a period when area farmers made the transition
from horse-drawn field equipment to gasoline tractors.

‘Marks from the steel cleats of the first tractors used
locally were still visible on the building’s hardwood floor.
The building had been placed on the National Register of Historical
Places in 1985, an example of Renaissance Revival’

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